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The AAIB is headed by the Chief Inspector of Air Accidents who is supported by the Deputy Chief Inspector of Air Accidents. There are six teams of Inspectors each led by a Principal Inspector and in addition there is an administrative support team. Click here for the AAIB organisation chart.

The Chief Inspector of Air Accidents

The Deputy Chief Inspector of Air Accidents

6 teams of Inspectors from all disciplines led by a Principal Inspector

AAIB Inspectors

These staff fall into one of three categories and are listed with their typical eligibility requirements:

  • Operations Inspector - must hold a current Airline Transport Pilots Licence with a valid Class I medical certificate. Able to offer appropriate command experience on fixed wing aircraft or helicopters. Broad based knowledge of aviation.
  • Engineering Inspector - must hold an Engineering degree and/or be a Chartered Engineer and have extensive professional aviation engineering experience. Knowledge and experience of modern aircraft systems is an advantage, as is possession of a Pilot's licence or some experience as a pilot.
  • Flight Recorder Inspector - must hold a degree in electronics/electrical engineering or an aeronautical engineering related subject and/or is a chartered member of a relevant engineering institute. Extensive knowledge and experience of modern avionics is required and knowledge of aircraft performance and broad-based professional aviation engineering experience is an advantage.

The duties of all Inspectors include:

  • Conducting effective and efficient investigations to determine the causes of accidents and incidents.
  • Contributing to the timely publication of reports.
  • Producing draft Safety Recommendations that are well researched and effective in reducing risk within the industry.
  • Preparing and presenting statements and evidence at Coroners' Inquests, Fatal Accident Inquiries and in other legal arenas.
  • Sharing knowledge and enhancing international standards of accident and incident investigation.

When Inspector vacancies arise they are advertised in Flight Magazine. Vacancies will also be publicised on the AAIB web site.

Head of Administration

The Head of Administration is supported by two teams, the Office Management Unit and the Information Unit, which deal with Finance and Publications.

Administrative staff

AAIB is part of the Department for Transport (DfT), and administrative staff are recruited in accordance with civil service guidelines. Depending on the nature of the vacant position advertisements may be placed in the local media and the local job centre. Vacancies will also be publicised on the AAIB web site.