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Reporting an accident

24 hour Accident Reporting line: 01252 512299

General enquiries: 01252 510300
Press enquiries: 020 7944 3118

All reportable accidents are required to be notified to the Department for Transport.

The legal responsibility for notification of an accident rests first with the commander of the aircraft or, if he be killed or incapacitated, then the operator.

If the accident occurs on or adjacent to an aerodrome, then the aerodrome authority is also required to notify the accident.

The notification is required to be passed to the Department for Transport (in effect the AAIB) by the quickest means and giving, as far as possible, the following information:

(a) In the case of an accident the identifying abbreviation "ACCID" or, in the case of a serious incident, the identifying abbreviation "INCID";

(b) the type, model, nationality and registration marks of the aircraft;

(c) the names of the owner, operator and hirer (if any) of the aircraft;

(d) the name of the commander of the aircraft;

(e) the date and time (UTC) of the accident;

(f) the last point of departure and the next point of intended landing of the aircraft involved;

(g) the position of the accident in relation to some easily defined geographical location;

(h) the number of -

(i) crew on board and the number killed or seriously injured.

(ii) passengers on board and the number killed or seriously injured.

(iii) other persons killed or seriously injured as a result of the accident.

(iv) the nature of the accident as far as is known.

The person reporting the accident to the AAIB is also required to inform the local police of the accident and the place where it occurred.

Police Forces should also inform the appropriate Civil Aviation Air Traffic Control Centre at Swanwick for accidents occurring in England, and at Prestwick for accidents occurring in Scotland and Northern Ireland.